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James Petulla: Is Higher Education A Ripoff?

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James Petulla

James Petulla. CEO Recording Radio Film Connection

James Petulla did not start out to be an educator. Back in the mid-80s, after working for a few months with the Columbia School of Broadcasting in his capacity as a San Jose radio DJ, he realized that CSB was not doing their students any favors. As Petulla stated, “They were ripping off their students. The textbooks were ancient, the equipment outdated, and their teachers out of touch.”

James presented a mentor/apprentice concept of education to the Columbia School of Broadcasting because he knew it would work to prepare students for a career in broadcasting. His plan was rejected as being unworkable and logistically unsound. Undeterred, James decided to start his own business, offering mentoring services to radio broadcasting students in the San Jose area.

Fast forward 30 years and James Petulla is the CEO of Radio Recording Film Connection which offers mentor apprenticeships in radio broadcasting, music recording and film directing and producing. Industry veterans have flocked to the concept, allowing the company to have professional mentors in all 50 states.
Along the way, James Petulla has never lost sight of his original premise: the mentor/apprentice model of education is fundamentally a better approach to education if the desired result upon graduation is to have a career. “Students are not only learning the ropes from working industry professionals, they are doing so in their mentor’s place of business—a recording studio, a radio station, a film production company—so they are constantly being exposed to how business gets done in the real world. You simply can’t duplicate this environment on a school campus. Additionally, because student apprentices work on their mentor’s projects they are interacting with clients, producers, directors, DJs and other industry professionals and this allows them to network within the industry. Essentially, our programs place our students inside the music, film and radio industries which is a huge advantage.”

There’s another fundamental difference in the approach of Radio Recording Film Connection, as defined by James Petulla, and other trade schools and colleges. “Most schools are driven by how many of their students graduate—that’s their end game. At Radio Recording Film Connection, our goal is to get as many of our graduates employment as possible. Right now we’re approaching 80% success rate in this goal—almost 80% of our graduates find meaningful employment within the industry within six months of graduation.”

This is more than just lip service. Radio Recording Film Connection has a dedicated Job Placement department that starts working with the student from their first lesson up until a year after they graduate. Their duties include unlimited free tutoring, help with resumes and interviews, as well as matching students with job openings as they come up. The results speak for themselves.

Another fact that James Petulla is particularly proud of is the low tuition charged by Radio Recording Film Connection. “What good does it do the student to graduate from a trade school with $30,000 to $100,000 in permanent student debt obligations? Debts kill dreams. We work very hard to keep our tuition low—almost all of our programs are priced at less than $10,000.”

When asked to reflect on his journey, Petulla responds, “If you asked me 30 years ago where I’d be today I probably would have said I see myself being a successful disc jockey like a Howard Stern. Today, I’m grateful for the path I ended up taking. I’m privileged to be a part of a process where we are helping future Howard Sterns reach their potential.”

AtCost Fulfillment DBA Sued for Defaming a Competitor Anonymously Richard Andrew Gorman

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Bjarte Rene, CEO of Private Label Nutraceuticals LLC,  filed a  defamation lawsuit against AtCost Fulfillment DBA, or more accurately the holding company Vanguard Economics, LLC and alleging that its owner, Richard Andrew Gorman, is responsible. If the allegations prove to be founded, it would appear that a pattern is emerging based on the similar lawsuit referenced at the bottom of this page.

Rich Gorman is allegedly a registered sex offender, with numerous charges filed, but disposition unknown (see references in foot notes) Pennsylvania State Police Sex Offender Listing for RA Gorman

The nexus of the quarrel seems to be summarized in paragraph 15 of the second amended complaint which reads as follows:

“On information and belief, in late 2013, Gorman became angry with Rene because he believed that Rene sought to hire away a key employee of AtCost Fulfillment. On further information and belief, Gorman was extremely angry over his impression of what had occurred. Gorman, who has a prior criminal record and is known for his hot temper, has special expertise in on line branding and reputational management, which would necessarily include special knowledge as to how to inflict damage to the reputation of an individual or entity via online postings.”

Caution, do not draw conclusions yet!

This case is only just been brought to our attention. Although we have no reason to suspect bad faith in this case, it is not uncommon for plaintiffs, who are au fait with search engine optimization, to launch an internet defamation campaign against a competitor,  by using a lawsuit as a weapon, without being liable for defamation due to the privilege that comes with the public filing in court. A few little red flags pop up with a cursory review of this complaint, particularly with respect to the little snippet in paragraph 15 of the complaint (in bold above) that add no legal substance to the complaint, but does set the stage for prospective customers of, who might stumble across the complaint. This interpretation of the intent of the lawsuit is further evidenced by the conspicuous press releases issued by the plaintiffs such as this one.

If we take the lawsuit at face value in good faith, then the use of press releases as a prudent and legitimate way for the Plaintiffs to mitigate some of the damage being suffered because of the alleged wrongdoing by Gorman.  In most jurisdictions, a victim of defamation has a legal obligation, inasmuch as it is possible, to mitigate damage that is being done by the defamatory acts of others. In other words, plaintiffs can not just sit back and expect a jackpot jury verdict when they had the ability to act, but did not.

Other Criminal Records for Richard Andrew Gorman (NOTE This open spurce info HAS NOT been verified):


Case Number: N15027 Chathan Leon FL

Case Number: 372004CF004338A0010 Case Type: FELONY
Crime Details – 12/09/2004 – LEON, FL

Case Number: 372004MM006027A00100
Disposition: DISMISSED

Case Number: 372004MM006027A00200
Disposition: DISMISSED

Crime Details – 06/21/2003 – LEON, FL OffenseDescription1: SEX ASSAULT VICT OVR 12 YOA PHYSICAL FORCE NO DMG
Case Number: 372003CF002112A00100 Status: DISPOSED Crime Type: FELONY

Crime Details – 06/21/2003 – LEON, FL OffenseDescription1: SEX BAT/INJURY NOT LIKELY  Case Number: 0302112

Sentence: ScheduledReleaseDate=20090904|SentenceDate=20050 706|SentenceMaxYears=5|SentenceStatus=VALID RELEASE DATE
Probation: ProbationMaxYears=10 Disposition: ADJUDICATION NOT WITHHELD Offense Date: 06/21/2003

Crime Details – 03/01/2003 – LEON, FL OffenseDescription1: DAMAGE PROP-CRIM MISCH 200 DOLLARS AND UNDER

Crime Details – 01/15/2003 – LEON, FL
OffenseDescription1: BATTERY TOUCH OR STRIKE
Charges Filed Date: 12/09/2004
Offense Date: 01/15/2003 Arrest Date: 12/09/2004 Disposition Date: 07/06/2005

Crime Details – 06/29/2001 – LEON, FL OffenseDescription1: PETIT THEFT 1ST OFFCase Number: 372001MM006521A00100

Crime Details – 12/30/2014 – DELAWARE, PA OffenseDescription1: FAIL TO REGISTER WITH PSP


Similar defamation lawsuit filed in 2014 against Gorman, et al:


Capital Alliance Group Reviews & Warns of Scams Targeting Small Business Owners

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Capital Alliance Group Warns of Scams Targeting Small Business Owners

Capital Alliance Group Warns of Scams Targeting Small Business Owners

SCAM ALERT: issued by Capital Alliance Group Risk Review Team. As the alternative lending industry gets more and more attention from the mainstream media it is only inevitable that it will then also start to gain the attention of some extremely undesirable elements. Ideally, a spotlight on the alternative lending industry in itself should be considered a very good thing. Making small business owners aware of new and less difficult-to-qualify-for sources of business funding is beneficial for every party involved; the business owners get the financing they need to grow their business; the alternative lending industry itself profits, thereby guaranteeing the sustainability of the lenders that participate in it; even the entire United States as a whole, as the success of small business forms the backbone of our nations prosperity and a majority of all new jobs created.

The downside to all this attention is that it is certain to attract con men and scam artists intent on preying on the small business owners that are eager to take advantage of the business loans that the current landscape of traditional lending has left them starved for. This bad element has the potential to disrupt the trust that Capital Alliance and other top alternative lenders in the market have worked so hard to build over the last few years, and threaten the entire industry.

It happens in all legitimate businesses to some degree, and we’ve seen it before in newly-grown industries that operate in the financial and loan markets that have been associated with, or are a consequence of, today’s economic climate, and the factors that have brought us to this point. Where the money flows, so too does the unscrupulous denizens that are ready and willing to exploit any environment in which they can defraud relatively easily in an effort to enrich themselves.

When the housing bubble started inflating and mortgage loan origination operations starting popping up everywhere, it was the ones who pushed bad loan paper with fraudulent docs up the ladder to banks, and at the same time glossed over the fact they were saddling consumers with mortgages that were set to have monthly payments explode after an introductory period of low payments.

After that bubble burst, they migrated to loan modifications, where they purported to have the ability to modify the terms of your mortgage in order to reduce your payments, or in some cases even reduce your principle balance if you were underwater. You would have to pay the money up front for the service and they just took the money and ran.

Eventually the scammers are going to identify the alternative lending industry as the next great target with which to unjustly enrich themselves at the expense of small business owners. As the pillars of this industry we need to “circle the wagons” and protect ourselves against these threats to our industry. Alternative lending supports small business and small business supports the US. Sabotaging the stability of alternative lending through defrauding our clients is sabotaging the prosperity of our own great nation. Let’s do our part to help protect it.

Consumers, do your due diligence before doing business with loan companies posing as alternative lenders. Be absolutely positive that you’re attempting to acquire a loan from a qualified business loan professional that is part of a legitimately established and reputable alternative lender. Capital Alliance Group wants to help you avoid scams at all costs, even if you aren’t taking a loan with us. Reach out to us any time for advice on whether the alternative lender you are working with is trustworthy enough to do business with. A few minutes spent getting in contact with us could save you significantly in time and money by helping you avoid a potential scam.

Scott Karosa Speaks Out Against Anonymous Internet Harassment Tri-Star Management Nevada

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As a highly regarded firm, evidenced by a 30-year history, it is incredulous that the US Congress, permits, and therefore encourages, anyone to say anything anonymously online; true false or otherwise. Section 230C of the communications decency act (ironically named), allows website operators to republish unprotected speech, such as lies, defamation, harassment and cyber bullying, without concern about being sued by the victims. This law needs to be changed or repealed. This brief video explains why:

According to SBA.GOV, Scott Karosa is Chairman and C.E.O. of Tri-Star Management, a diversified holding company involved in Mortgage lending through its mortgage subsidiary. It states that “Truly dedicated to upholding the welfare of the clients that his four companies serve, Scott Karosa makes sure that only the best talents and people are hired for the specific and highly-sensitive jobs they handle.”

Tri-Star management provides consulting service to the sports and entertainment management industries.

All American Home Mortgage; Real Estate through its real estate subsidiary Tri-Star Realty and Insurance through Nevada Insurance Services, another wholly owned subsidiary.

All American Home Mortgage pioneered Hi-rise non warrantable condo and condotel lending in Las Vegas and is a leader in that space.

Nevada Insurance Services provides Insurance services to corporations and individuals through its relationship with 31 A rated or better insurance carriers.

Tri-Star Realty provides hi-end white-glove boutique services as a real estate firm catering to successful agents and brokers who are committed to delivering high end services to their respective clients.

Tri-star Management’s subsidiary corporations are all regulated by both state and/or federal agencies. Furthermore, each subsidiary is bonded and licensed in appropriate jurisdictions.

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Phone: +1-702-985-1825

OFFICIAL STATEMENT by Adeel Chowdhry of

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Income Society: Legit, Logical, Tangible Income

14 August, 2014

Adeel Chowdhry Income Society IncomeSociety.comThere are no grey areas when it comes to Income Society. The business cycle is transparent, pragmatic and automatic. Here is why Income Society is the preferred solution for online income:

Financial Independence: Job security, inflation and standard of living are the biggest concerns for anyone affording a lifestyle in today’s day and age. We work in a limited and restrictive manner trying to afford things that take forever to payoff. It is easy to fall in the vicious circle of 9-5 living, where you’re nothing but bound to work for someone- who’s ready to take some level of risk. Well risk my friend is a license to freedom for many. While for others, it is a road to uncertainty, loss and insecurity. So what will you prefer- a stride towards excellence or slide into mediocrity. Get ready to take initiative and embrace a new identity of abundance for yourself through Income Society work style.

– See more at:

RIPOFF REBUTTAL: Vivian Sepe of La Mesa CA Responds

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The Ripoffreport Complainant received a full refund in accordance with our terms and promises. My daughter’s name and my phone number should not have been posted, this is a disturbing case.
False statements were made on Ripoffreport. The buyer received full refund and should not have any complaint.


Recently a Florida Court of Appeals held that:


“The business practices of Xcentric [DBA], as presented by the evidence before this Court, are appalling. Xcentric appears to pride itself on having created a forum for defamation. No checks are in place to ensure that only reliable information is publicized.” [REF]


– See more at:

DEFAMED: Henning Morales CEO of eWorld Companies, Inc. and THE Xperience, Inc. Responds to Smear Campaign

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Henning Morales, CEO of eWorld Companies, Inc. and THE Xperience, Inc.

My name is Henning Morales, CEO and co-founder of eWorld Companies, Inc., and THE Xperience, Inc. eWorld Companies, Inc. is a publicly traded company and has been in business for eight years. We produce high end entertainment industry events and TV Productions for broadcast and distribution on our proprietary Boomerang Media Station browser app. I attended New York University Business School and The University of San Diego Law School. I live with my four great children in southern California.

There have been an anonymous “spam” emails with multiple disparaging, unfounded claims against myself and some of my staff that you may or may not have not received. These claims have also found their way onto certain “message boards” and “chat rooms.” Somehow some of these sites have high search engine rankings and you may be exposed to these posts.

RIPOFF RESPONSE: Philip Cottrell of Spain & Gibraltar Responds

In Online Defamation Rebuttal on May 7, 2014 at 7:09 pm

Court Orders are in place to have these defamatory internet threads removed but the sites in question have refused to acknowledge the jurisdiction.

Please join me in fighting the internet trolls


Philip Cottrell is based in Gibraltar and Spain and has recently been the target of internet trolls who have published defamatory content in an attempt to extort funds from him to remove these postings. They were posted by ex-employees of his business who were fired for data theft.

Philip Cottrell is a respected professional man who is held in high regard in his local community. Mr. Cottrell has never been involved in any of the alleged activities, nor does he have any knowledge of the businesses mentioned in the articles.

ARREARS: Ken Kahtava Nonpayment of account notice

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Lenexa, KansasLenexa, Kansas April 17, 2014

Unfortunately the content originally posted within this page has been suspended due to nonpayment of account by Ken Kahtava.

More information is available by emailing:

payments [at]

RIPOFF REBUTTAL: Bryan Dinkelacker Attacked After Failed eBay Transaction

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This statement is issued in response to the false and defamatory Ripoff Report filed against Bryan Dinkelacker (Reference #877110).

In summary:

  • Mr. Dinkelacker executed a transaction of minimal value on as a buyer purchasing item(s) from the seller, A.O of Fresno, CA.
  • The seller refused to refund the purchase amount including all shipping costs.
  • The condition of the item purchased and received by Mr. Dinkelacker was greatly misrepresented and he requested a refund including return shipping costs from the seller.
  • Mr. Dinkelacker, within his rights, left negative feedback for the seller in this transaction after attempting, and failing, to reach a resolution with the seller.
  • The seller became irate and proceeded to send abusive, defamatory and threatening emails to Mr. Dinkelacker in response to the negative feedback the seller received; including to vindictively file the very Ripoff Report in question as a retaliation for the appropriate negative feedback.
  • The Ripoff Report as filed by Mr. A.O against Mr. Dinkelacker is clearly abusive and defamatory, using vile language and false accusations as a way to retaliate against Mr. Dinkelacker through cyber-bullying and character defamation.


“I purchased something for my new baby to have when he got older, something I had when I was younger. The item arrived undamaged, however the condition was greatly misrepresented by the seller and was in very poor condition versus the “MINT CONDITION” as advertised.

– See more at: Authorized Statement Bryan Dinkelacker Defamed After Failed eBay Transaction