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About Marc Randazza Attorney Internet Lawyer Randazza Legal Group

In, on February 18, 2015 at 1:58 pm

Marc Randazza is a renowned specialist in areas of Internet Law and Intellectual property. He represents operators in several industries that are generally perceived to be antithetical to traditional family values; including Pornography and, a “gripe-site” that provides a platform for anonymous defamation.

Randazza has been criticized for his representation of pornography companies in copyright infringement cases. However, despite representing copyright plaintiffs, Randazza’s firm effectively killed Righthaven, a “copyright troll” that was buying limited rights to copyrighted works for no purpose, other than bringing lawsuits against alleged infringers.

This is not a guy you want to face in a court room; even if you’re being unjustly defamed. Rather than risking a futile and expensive court battle against, or on any other of Randazza’s clients, you may want to consider submitting a request to suppress the false and injurious results from Google search results.

Request Suppression of Defamatory Google Search Results

Type the search terms that are causing problems in Google Search:

Even Ed Magedson, the notorious owner of Ripoffreport is scared of Randazza, as evidenced by the heavy redaction of complaint posted about him on the RoR website:

Victims’ Impact Survey Defamation James McGibney CEO ViaView, Inc

In, Internet defamation on November 3, 2013 at 6:52 am

If you are a victim of extortion, defamation or any other type of civil or criminal wrongdoing related to postings on the website, then please complete this victim’s impact statement/survey. The results will be used in an attempt to persuade Google and other search engines to the index the website from the search results, as well as helping US Congressman and women to understand why section 230 C of the communications decency act needs to be changed. At the moment, that faulty law gives immunity to website operators that publish or republish defamation.

Defamation is an injury, and at the moment, for the most part, Internet defamation is an injury for which there is no relief for the victims because of this faulty law in the United States.

Wait for the online survey to load.