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SCAM: Fraudulent Invoices for Trademark Registration Fees

In Crime-Reports, Deceptive Advertising on May 29, 2015 at 8:19 am Fraudulent Invoices for Trademark Registration FeesWARNING: appears to be operating a scam, preying on ignorant trademark registrants. The modus operandi appears to be the active monitoring of the trademark registrations, whereby they send fraudulent invoices to the trademark registrant, asking for $2000 or more, in what appears to be an official looking invoice somehow related to the trademark registration process. However, these invoices are unsolicited, they are noted with order numbers, invoice numbers, bank wire transfer information etc. It appears that this is a  fire-and-forget invoicing scheme, issued in the hope that ignorant accountants will pay the invoice without first checking it out with their intellectual property lawyers.

The following image is a redacted invoice received in the mail shortly after the US patent application was submitted. Applicant is based in Australia hence the reference to Australia: Invoices for Trademark Registration Fees



VINDICATED: Smear Campaig Against Vladislav Davidzon of Regenerative Leadership Exposed by Independant Analysis

In Crime-Reports, Deceptive Advertising, Internet defamation on December 13, 2014 at 12:04 am

Vladislav Davidzon of Regenerative Leadership

Vladislav Davidzon of Regenerative Leadership released a very dignified and tempered “Authorized Statement” earlier this week. It reveals that an independent Licensed Private Investigator has cracked a conspiracy of competing individuals have been acing a criminal and civil conspiracy, and tortuous interference with prospective financial gain.

The full report will be available soon.

Read More: AUTHORIZED STATEMENT by Vladislav Davidzon of Regenerative Leadership Institute Regarding International Permaculture Certification Standards.


SCAM?: IS NOT ” the Internet’s official search engine registration service” ROBERT JACOBS

In Deceptive Advertising on September 3, 2014 at 1:34 am

If you received an email shortly after registering your new domain from  “previous submission”. They are trying to scare you into signing up for their “service” by using various logical fallacies to make you think that you have not completed the domain registration process.

This is deceptive advertising, you should report the email to your local Atty. Gen.’s office as well as any other agency set up to investigate deceptive advertising.

If you do want to submit your new website to major search engines, this will happen automatically because search engines are designed to “crawl” the Internet for new content. If you want to manually speed up the process, you can do it for free through Google at the following link:

Another article exposing is found here

According to publicly accessible records, and despite the attempts to obfuscate the beneficial ownership of the website through hidden proxy registration, the owner of the premise website is as follows:

Admin Organization: PREMIER SUBMISSION
Admin Street: 1933 E DUBLIN GRANVILLE RD
Admin City: COLUMBUS
Admin State/Province: OHIO
Admin Postal Code: 43229
Admin Country: UNITED STATES
Admin Phone: +1.4406552513
Admin Phone Ext:
Admin Fax:
Admin Fax Ext: