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BAD DEBT: Timothy M Boyd of Augment Marketing LLC Philadelphia PA

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BAD DEBT: Timothy M Boyd of Augment Marketing LLC Philadelphia PA

Timothy M Boyd borrowed USD$1000.00 from me, promising to repay promptly. At the time I was caring form my late-wife who had terminal cancer. Timothy Boyd made many promises, including repaying $50.00 per week, but nothing was ever paid. The impact of my wife’s care and death earlier this year has been financially devastating. Tim, I really need you to do as you promised, and repay the money now.

Timothy M Boyd Augment Marketing LLC Philadelphia Bad Debt

Timothy M Boyd Augment Marketing LLC Philadelphia Bad Debt

Timothy M Boyd
Business Development & Sales
Greater Philadelphia Area

Current Position: Augment Marketing LLC Co-Founder
320 King of Prussia Rd Suite 100
Radnor, PA 19087 United States

Previous: (Bankrupt) , Clean Currents, Inc., PRO ESCO Group, LLC

Education: Marist College

COLLECTIONS: Trey Knight Case 8311 Assignment of Debt

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Notice of sale of debt owed by Trey Knight to M&J #8311

For services rendered as promised but not paid. Effective September 1, 2015, the outstanding debt of USD$3840 one month will be sold to a third party for collection.

This notice is part of an undertaking to collect a commercial debt which is not subject to the provisions made within the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act.

Ref: USD3840 Case 8311

DEFAMED: Henning Morales CEO of eWorld Companies, Inc. and THE Xperience, Inc. Responds to Smear Campaign

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Henning Morales, CEO of eWorld Companies, Inc. and THE Xperience, Inc.

My name is Henning Morales, CEO and co-founder of eWorld Companies, Inc., and THE Xperience, Inc. eWorld Companies, Inc. is a publicly traded company and has been in business for eight years. We produce high end entertainment industry events and TV Productions for broadcast and distribution on our proprietary Boomerang Media Station browser app. I attended New York University Business School and The University of San Diego Law School. I live with my four great children in southern California.

There have been an anonymous “spam” emails with multiple disparaging, unfounded claims against myself and some of my staff that you may or may not have not received. These claims have also found their way onto certain “message boards” and “chat rooms.” Somehow some of these sites have high search engine rankings and you may be exposed to these posts.

DEFAULT: Paul Hyski Defaults of Promised Payment (Paweł Hyski)

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Elmwood Park, IL, Country November 13, 2013

The original contents of this page was published in good faith at the request of Paul Hyski (Paweł Hyski) to assist him with what he alleged to be false allegations. Sometimes we need to make a judgment calls, in this instance we gave him the benefit of the doubt as he seemed genuine.

Upon achieving page-one search ranking for his defense, he refused to pay the $500 donation that he agreed to pay before we did the work for him.

Based on this experience and this blatant refusal to honor his word and promise, this organization retracts all previous defenses issued in his favor. It appears that the allegations he wishes to refute may in fact be supported by Paul Hyski subsequent pattern of behavior.

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