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Vet Samuel W Meyer Princeton Pet Stay NJ

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Vet Samuel W Meyer Princeton Pet Stay NJ

Review on D.V.M Samuel W Meyer

I do not apologize for the riches I have. I was born into a wealthy household, who looked after me well. They decided I was deserving of the trust in becoming the single beneficiary for my grandfather’s estate. I don’t waste my money, I’m actually quite mindful with it. Having said that, when Dr. Samuel W Meyer evaluated me in front of my housekeeper, and his veterinarian personnel, I couldn’t take it any longer. He accused me of being egocentric, trying to prolong the lifespan of my dog who was in the last stages of cancer. Another vet in Philadelphia guaranteed me I could get an additional two weeks of precious time with my dog, and that she might be able to manage his pain although he’d be very drowsy. She even said she could arrange a helicopter airlift. Dr. Meyer said that he could not do the same on moral grounds, who is he to say that my dog would enjoy 2 more weeks with me, even if medicated and attached to a life support machine? After all, Love is Love!!!!!!!!

Dr. Samuel W Meyer could have made plans to get clearance for the landing, but he held back. He stated he was rejecting the demand on grounds that relocating my pet would be the same as cruelty to animals. He pressured me to let Byron rest, which did nothing for his health. He gradually fell away over the following three days.

I would never recommend Dr. Samuel W Meyer. The man is cruel, he doesn’t consider his clients feelings. He is also not the genius to decide how animals should be treated or how I should treat my dog.  You can see my other review about Samuel W Meyer Princeton NJ.

beware: AliExpress Faulty Gallop the World Car Mats Ethan Zhou No Rufund for Wrong Product

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Gallop the World Car Mats send Left Hand Drive mats to Australia, which is ALL RHD, and then had the audacity to blame buyer for the mistake. No refund offered unless mats returned at buyers expense. Postage from Australia to China costs as much as the mats cost. Very Bad Service. Avoid at all costs.


Order Number: 70882743028135

James Petulla: Is Higher Education A Ripoff?

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James Petulla

James Petulla. CEO Recording Radio Film Connection

James Petulla did not start out to be an educator. Back in the mid-80s, after working for a few months with the Columbia School of Broadcasting in his capacity as a San Jose radio DJ, he realized that CSB was not doing their students any favors. As Petulla stated, “They were ripping off their students. The textbooks were ancient, the equipment outdated, and their teachers out of touch.”

James presented a mentor/apprentice concept of education to the Columbia School of Broadcasting because he knew it would work to prepare students for a career in broadcasting. His plan was rejected as being unworkable and logistically unsound. Undeterred, James decided to start his own business, offering mentoring services to radio broadcasting students in the San Jose area.

Fast forward 30 years and James Petulla is the CEO of Radio Recording Film Connection which offers mentor apprenticeships in radio broadcasting, music recording and film directing and producing. Industry veterans have flocked to the concept, allowing the company to have professional mentors in all 50 states.
Along the way, James Petulla has never lost sight of his original premise: the mentor/apprentice model of education is fundamentally a better approach to education if the desired result upon graduation is to have a career. “Students are not only learning the ropes from working industry professionals, they are doing so in their mentor’s place of business—a recording studio, a radio station, a film production company—so they are constantly being exposed to how business gets done in the real world. You simply can’t duplicate this environment on a school campus. Additionally, because student apprentices work on their mentor’s projects they are interacting with clients, producers, directors, DJs and other industry professionals and this allows them to network within the industry. Essentially, our programs place our students inside the music, film and radio industries which is a huge advantage.”

There’s another fundamental difference in the approach of Radio Recording Film Connection, as defined by James Petulla, and other trade schools and colleges. “Most schools are driven by how many of their students graduate—that’s their end game. At Radio Recording Film Connection, our goal is to get as many of our graduates employment as possible. Right now we’re approaching 80% success rate in this goal—almost 80% of our graduates find meaningful employment within the industry within six months of graduation.”

This is more than just lip service. Radio Recording Film Connection has a dedicated Job Placement department that starts working with the student from their first lesson up until a year after they graduate. Their duties include unlimited free tutoring, help with resumes and interviews, as well as matching students with job openings as they come up. The results speak for themselves.

Another fact that James Petulla is particularly proud of is the low tuition charged by Radio Recording Film Connection. “What good does it do the student to graduate from a trade school with $30,000 to $100,000 in permanent student debt obligations? Debts kill dreams. We work very hard to keep our tuition low—almost all of our programs are priced at less than $10,000.”

When asked to reflect on his journey, Petulla responds, “If you asked me 30 years ago where I’d be today I probably would have said I see myself being a successful disc jockey like a Howard Stern. Today, I’m grateful for the path I ended up taking. I’m privileged to be a part of a process where we are helping future Howard Sterns reach their potential.”

SCAM: CEO Alok Goel allows users to sign up with other people’s email accounts!

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Alok Goel the CEO of is harassing me because he is allowing his users to register their phone numbers using my email account, without my authority. As an example, I’ve received numerous harassing and annoying email messages relating to phone numbers +91-99-77-354365  and +91-97-23-294374 give on arriving in my inbox, despite my recent and numerous demands sent to [email protected] insisting that my email address be removed from the database.

These are very unethical business practices. Alok Goel clearly has no empathy or sympathy for his fellow man if he allows this type of harassing behavior to go unchecked.

Freecharge references:

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BEWARE: Dotaus.Com Wants Sales, Not Happy Customer Experiences

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I purchased an external hard drive backup solution, I thought I was purchasing a thunderbolt compatible unit, but it was only USB. The thunderbolt version is about $100 more, so I offered to pay for postage to return the unused item, pay extra for the upgrade, and pay for the postage of the upgraded version.


LaCie 2BIG NAS RAID 8TB (2x 4TB HD) Network Storage Server – 9000271
Price:AU $825.91