Capital Alliance Group Reviews & Warns of Scams Targeting Small Business Owners

In Online Defamation Rebuttal on January 21, 2015 at 8:03 pm
Capital Alliance Group Warns of Scams Targeting Small Business Owners

Capital Alliance Group Warns of Scams Targeting Small Business Owners

SCAM ALERT: issued by Capital Alliance Group Risk Review Team. As the alternative lending industry gets more and more attention from the mainstream media it is only inevitable that it will then also start to gain the attention of some extremely undesirable elements. Ideally, a spotlight on the alternative lending industry in itself should be considered a very good thing. Making small business owners aware of new and less difficult-to-qualify-for sources of business funding is beneficial for every party involved; the business owners get the financing they need to grow their business; the alternative lending industry itself profits, thereby guaranteeing the sustainability of the lenders that participate in it; even the entire United States as a whole, as the success of small business forms the backbone of our nations prosperity and a majority of all new jobs created.

The downside to all this attention is that it is certain to attract con men and scam artists intent on preying on the small business owners that are eager to take advantage of the business loans that the current landscape of traditional lending has left them starved for. This bad element has the potential to disrupt the trust that Capital Alliance and other top alternative lenders in the market have worked so hard to build over the last few years, and threaten the entire industry.

It happens in all legitimate businesses to some degree, and we’ve seen it before in newly-grown industries that operate in the financial and loan markets that have been associated with, or are a consequence of, today’s economic climate, and the factors that have brought us to this point. Where the money flows, so too does the unscrupulous denizens that are ready and willing to exploit any environment in which they can defraud relatively easily in an effort to enrich themselves.

When the housing bubble started inflating and mortgage loan origination operations starting popping up everywhere, it was the ones who pushed bad loan paper with fraudulent docs up the ladder to banks, and at the same time glossed over the fact they were saddling consumers with mortgages that were set to have monthly payments explode after an introductory period of low payments.

After that bubble burst, they migrated to loan modifications, where they purported to have the ability to modify the terms of your mortgage in order to reduce your payments, or in some cases even reduce your principle balance if you were underwater. You would have to pay the money up front for the service and they just took the money and ran.

Eventually the scammers are going to identify the alternative lending industry as the next great target with which to unjustly enrich themselves at the expense of small business owners. As the pillars of this industry we need to “circle the wagons” and protect ourselves against these threats to our industry. Alternative lending supports small business and small business supports the US. Sabotaging the stability of alternative lending through defrauding our clients is sabotaging the prosperity of our own great nation. Let’s do our part to help protect it.

Consumers, do your due diligence before doing business with loan companies posing as alternative lenders. Be absolutely positive that you’re attempting to acquire a loan from a qualified business loan professional that is part of a legitimately established and reputable alternative lender. Capital Alliance Group wants to help you avoid scams at all costs, even if you aren’t taking a loan with us. Reach out to us any time for advice on whether the alternative lender you are working with is trustworthy enough to do business with. A few minutes spent getting in contact with us could save you significantly in time and money by helping you avoid a potential scam.

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