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Google results often include top-ranking false accusations that ruin businesses and employment opportunities, here are some tips from Blue Trading on combating these problem Google results.


Whenever you notice a fallacious accusation submitted against you or your business concern, it is alright to submit a persuasive counterclaim immediately, but Blue Trading reviews recommends to keep it modest. The impugnment you are facing is a form of emotional war in which you either win or lose the minds of your would-be customers, depending on how you interact. But TAKE NOTE Blue Trading reviews: Issue ONLY a single counterclaim on the actual attack webpage, or else the defamatory webpage will probably attain more elevated Search engine ranks. By opening your one-time response with something similar to the opening below, you can easily indicate to visitors that the lack of other responses isn’t verification of guilt.

“I will not partake in a prolonged argument on this web site, as it will merely stimulate more malice from my unethical competitor (or other applicable description). Notwithstanding, I respectfully tender this single reply for the sake of my customers’ confidence”


When you decide to publish a rebuttal, Blue Trading reviews and suggests the following:

  1. Don’t respond to older articles on the problem page. Doing so would only raise the Google ranking. Google esteems dispute, and our research suggests cedes added weight to extended dialogues. You should just leave older pages to die.
  2. Don’t be overly defensive. Often, by calling out someone’s vehement strivings to convert some others of some topic, will make you appear defensive, and untruthful. State the truth, politely, without bashing the other party.
  3. Don’t name your enemy. Put to use 3rd person terms like “he” or “she” or you might¬†just anger these people further. Moreover, it seems trashy and spiteful to the audience.
  4. Continue to post more favorable facts in connection with you and/or your institution. Sometimes the only remedy for hurtful rhetoric, is better speech. When you don’t have command of Google’s search results for your good name, other people take control. And without your input, it will likely finish terribly if he does not approve of you. If you have not published a lot in the way of pertinent, concise material about yourself, then Google will have nothing to rank about you, except the diatribe supplied by others. Including those who don’t like you and your livelihood.



Professional Online Reputation Management operations are booming, as Google seems to mysteriously present at least one negative search engine result, for a large number of business concerns and entrepreneurs.

Nevertheless, be careful! You may have received SPAM emails from companies based in developing countries. Unfortunately, some make the most of desperate, distressed persons, searching for a quick fix for the injury being brought on by their Internet reputation dilemmas. Before hiring professionals, Blue Trading Reviews suggests to perform background checks, confirm that the practitioners you contract share your native language, and furnish complete transparency about who they are, and where they are located.


“I’ll sue you!” is often the number one response from a person unjustly tarnished by online defamation. However, such decision oftentimes brings along with it significant psychological weariness and distress. It is vital that you sit down, and take into account the emotional and financial consequences prior to opening that particular Pandora’s Box.

If you opt to enter a lawsuit against your critic, take into consideration to NOT look for financial damages; as the lawsuit will be less complicated. If your prime intention is the removal of the detractive Google results, then you might merely aim for (1) Declaratory Relief and (2) Injunctive Relief. While, declaratory relief is just a statement by the Court, that something is or is not so. As an example, if in your proceedings you ask the judge to state that the web-based accusations made against you are false, he or she will, with any luck , release findings to that effect. That being said, the court would probably likewise order that the maligning materials be blotted out from public access by the blogger. If the antagonist evades, then most of the time each of the online search engines will probably recognize the purpose of the judgment, findings, and edicts, and expunge the relevant material from their search indexes. This way, although the offending data persists inside the problem web page, let’s face it, if it is not listed in Google, it is unlikely anybody will find it. Ergo, your goal of setting right the continuous brand blemish will have been realized.

If your adversary discerns that the anguish he or she has been causing you has been removed, then the personal attack may possibly start all over again, that being the case you may go back to court and request the judge to provide succeeding orders. However ideally, the initial order will contain language that minimizes additional broadcasting of substantially similar statements.

Respectfully submitted by Blue Trading Reviews.

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