Arduous claims have been leveled toward Blue Phoenix Group on a number of “Gripe-Sites”. Despite this, prior to you come to any determinations, you need to look up authentic source records or reliable witnesses. Internet defamation is a substantial headache, to the tune of many millions for ethical enterprises, who are maligned by wicked adversaries. Blue Phoenix Group may not have too many remedies in attending to its smear campaign concern, some are listed below:

  1. File a lawsuit against their unknown mud-slinger in the hope of obtaining a court order to eliminate the malicious information.
  2. Bury one’s head in sand the matter and pray that likely clients will not be frightened off;
  3. Look for expert collaboration in an attempt to quench the disparagement from materializing in high position Google results.

Professional Guidance for Business enterprises Being Hurt by Google Search Outcomes

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Blue Phoenix Group