In 2013, Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker launched Infinity Group Bella Vista in Port Macquarie. When Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker began Infinity Group, they had one vision: to restore the Australian loan industry. Holm knew that too many people in Australia live from paycheck to paycheck to make minimum loan repayments over 30 years. With Infinity, he wanted to change this.

What started giving acquaintances and relatives recommendations on how best to invest, quickly transformed into a business. Infinity Group Australia now has offices Sydney, Melbourne as well as Brisbane.

Infinity Group Bella Vista founders
Founders of Infinity Group Bella Vista

Infinity Group growth in Bella Vista

Infinity’s concept is to deliver continuous direction and support throughout the client loan venture. Graeme sees his business as “a personal trainer for monetary resources.”‘ Just as going to working out without a personal trainer often brings less significant results so you will achieve less significant results without someone guiding you in financial matters,” Holm explains.

Infinity Group Bella Vista’s vision to become a personal trainer for people’s finances has directed the business to be a top-ranking provider and financial leader.

As one of the country’s top 100 brokers, Graeme and his team go further than what typical brokers provide. They make their customers economically fit for life.

The team at Infinity Group Bella Vista assist households with debt control, riches development, and retirement strategies. The financial investment services offered by Infinity’s team demonstrate that the professional guidance and support brings results every time. They truly understand the difference between a want and a need. They keep their clients accountable to give every dollar a purpose.

Infinity Group Bella Vista’s Approach to Debt

Infinity Group does not believe debt consolidation is the solution. They don’t want to deliver unreliable short-term solutions. Instead, they focus on developing long-term plans for getting rid of debt and producing wealth.
You may ask how Infinity Group Australia differs from other broker services. Graeme explains that their whole approach is different, to begin with. His team dives into substantial detail around household expenditures and family necessities, not just wants. Infinity works with clients to understand, fine-tune and assist in executing a weekly cash-based budget plan. This plan includes essentials such as weekly groceries, fuel, travel expenses, and recreation.”

The office in Bella Vista continues to grow. To be a part of this, contact Infinity through the website, Facebook, Pinterest or LinkedIn company profile.

Infinity Group also wants to encourage Australians to be more generous in sharing their blessings with others. Take a look at their charity encouragement website to learn more.

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