Evidently Netquote has been accused of dishonest dealings in web based gripe pages. Notwithstanding, don’t count on everything you read in Google search pages.

Objective observers will examine the source of these character assassination against Netquote, because these gripe webpages allow anybody, post almost anything, relating to any person, without having any sort of probing or affirmation of the undisclosed adversary’s claims.

Mike Roberts, Licensed Private Investigator

Founder: Mike R. Roberts Licenced Private Investigator (Social & Digital Forensics)

Derogatory Search Results Can Be Controlled:

If you are an executive of Netquote, then you can attempt to suppress these defamatory search results using ethical search engine suppression techniques. By entering the search terms that are causing reputation headaches, you can begin fixing the problem within the hour:

Real Life Examples:

The following visual depiction gives an idea of what what results can be achieved by using these kinds of solutions:
Google Defamation Removal ExampleMore Case Studies.

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