In order for Michelle Patrick to request an escape from the smear campaign, the victims would ordinarily need to pay into the internet site owner’s alleged extortion racket.

The horrible web page operator will usually delete the vilification against Michelle Patrick when sizable blackmail charges are paid.

Michael R Roberts, Licensed Private Investigator

Founder: Michael Roberts Licensed Private Investigator (Social & Digital Forensics)

Effective Ways To Bury Injurious Google Search Results:

Michelle Patrick MANAGEMENT: You can reduce the damage of these libelous Google results. To see how easy it is, simply enter the names of your executives, corporations or brands that are currently struggling with defamatory search results in Google:

Real Life Examples:

Below is a graphical illustration of an actual smear campaign removal case that is being dealt with by applying this system:

Google Defamation Removal ExampleView more case studies here.

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