CONCLUSION: Aaron Leider from KW 98% Adjusted Consumer Fulfillment Score.

Examination identifies quite a few cases of bogus accusations posted against A. Leider, in all likelihood in an effort by questionable opponents to steal his clients.

Aaron Leider Customer review Score after disregarding artificial gripes is 98% or more.

Aaron Leider Feedback Score after discarding fabricated fault-findings is 98% or better.

Aaron Leider KW Feedback Score upon removing concocted criticisms is 98% or greater.

Computer Forensic & Investigatory Approaches Utilized in Establishing Information:

  1. Survey all discussions posted by the allegedly unhappy customers
  2. Erase reviewers who are obviously working with competitors according to IP address trace
  3. Purge criticisms submitted by “sock-puppet” clients, which were evidently crafted as throwaway identities in order to:
    1. one-time fake complaints about Mr. Leider & other targets.
    2. Artificial appreciation for adversaries of Aaron within just several hours or seconds of maliciously maligning him.
      Dismiss fabricated persona representations built upon unachievable geographic scenarios. For instance, reviewing Mr. Leider’s business 30 minutes after also reviewing a DIY store 1265km away from his business.

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Phone: 310-954-0555

Email: [email protected]

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