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Jovy-Anne Fletcher of Shakuhachi Theft of Services

In Bad Debts on July 26, 2017 at 2:47 am

Jovy-Anne Fletcher promised to pay for reputation management consulting for Shakuhachi –  but has reneged after services were provided.

It appears that the financial shenanigans of Shakuhachi founder, are being perpetuated by her right hand person, Jovy-Anne Fletcher.

In coming weeks we will be publishing a comprehensive digital footprint and timeline of the activities of Jovy-Anne Fletcher, the people she has been meeting with, and the means by which they obtain goods and services with fraudulent intent. Subscribe to this page for updates.

Jovy-Anne Fletcher of Shakuhachi Theft of Services Jessica White

Jovy-Anne Fletcher of Shakuhachi Theft of Services Jessica White

LIES & FAKE NEWS: Journalist Bill Lamb WDRB President & General Manager vs Gov. Matt Bevin

In Journalistic Accuracy, Poor Journalistic Ethics on July 15, 2017 at 3:19 am

LIES? Bill Lamb WDRB President Called Out as a Liar by Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin.

Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin tore anew one for News Manipulator Bill Lamb, WDRB President & General Manager. Gov. Bevin concluded that Journalist Bill Lamb is either (a) Not smart enough to understand what Gov. Bevin actually said, or (b) thinks that his news show listeners are not smart enough to realize that Bill Lamb is lying to them. I have adopted (b) as my own opinion.

Ethical Breach Journalist Bill Lamb WDRB/WMYO President & General Manager caught Lying

Gov. Matt Bevin Court journalist Bill Lam from WDRB in a boldfaced lie to his viewers recently.

I have no dog in this fight, in fact I live in Australia and had never heard of Gov. Bevin before today. But, I give this guy kudos. He was both gracious, and direct with the journalists. He gave some benefit of the doubt for their foolishness, but that grace in my view is not deserved. I watched some of the news articles and interviews with Gov. Bevin about his preannounced meetings about the power of prayer, and he made it unambiguously clear what should be expected with his announcement. Furthermore, he accurately predicted that he would be mocked and ridiculed for his ideas, and yet these unethical journalists still couldn’t resist the opportunity to twist the truth, despite a very clear warning that the reporting would likely come under intense scrutiny.

Even if you have no connection to Kentucky or the United States, I strongly urge you to watch this 12 minute video Where Gov. Bevin politely exposes the misdeeds of Journalist Bill Lamb, and others. It is a beautiful example of logic, rhetoric and granmma being used simply, and effectively to combat lies and expose those in a position of public responsibility, i.e. the media, who breach said responsibility because of their inability to set bias aside, and report accurately.

ETHICS WARNING: Edelman Australia PR Hires Controversial Editor Ben Naparstek as Content and Digital Director.

In Advertising Ethical Breaches, Professional Ethics on July 8, 2017 at 12:04 am

Edelman Australia’s Recruiting of Ben Naparstek as Online Content and Digital Director is Bad for Australian Consumers

Edelman Australia PR's Ben Naparstek Investigated by Licensed Private Detective.

Ben Naparstek of Edelman Australia PR has been a person of interest to a licensed private investigator, after the discovery of major violations of journalistic ethics.

Ben Naparstek of SBS has been a person of interest to a licensed private investigator, after the discovery of major violations of journalistic ethics.

Edelman Australia’s latest executive recruit, Ben Naparstek, has been praised for his meteoric surge through the Australian Press industry at a youthful age. Nonetheless, a serious look beyond the excitement exposes a murky history that demands more scrutiny. As a vocal Fifth Estate commentator and licensed private investigator, it is my opinion that Mr. Naparstek’s activities should be observed very carefully. I am concerned that the job description of  “Content and Digital Director”, as it is customarily used, is no more than a disguise for his not so obvious specialty,which is “PAGEVIEW BAITING “.

In the four years that I have been paying attention to Ben Naparstek’s work, I have noticed that he makes ample use of ‘editorial license’ to generate astounding headlines. These twisted truths are in my view questionable appeals to emotion used to bring people to his web-based content or “storytelling”, to quote Steve Spurr the CEO of Edelman Australia [ref]. How it works: The moment Mr. Naparstek has skillfully seized his online audience, his business monetize those “page

How it works: The moment Mr. Naparstek has seized his online audience, his employers monetize those page views; either through advertising banner impressions or “Pay-Per-Click” display advertisements. In my assessment, such cunning ploys fly in the face of generally accepted journalistic principles. It appears that Ben’s new job title is devoid of references to “editor” or “journalist” and clearly conveys a sales, marketing and “spin” title. Because of this, Naparstek is now more likely to be under the watch of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (, which holds far more disciplinary authority than his previous watchdog, the Australian Press Council and its peer review process.

How To Report Ben Naparstek to ACCC for Misleading or Unconscionable Conduct.

The ACCC is Australia’s peak consumer protection and competition agency. The ACCC is an independent statutory government authority serving the public interest. Most of the ACCC’s enforcement work is performed within the provisions of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (the Act).

I have no beef with Edelman Australia, besides their hiring of Ben Naparstek. Nonetheless, I would certainly invite Australian consumers to carefully study the “public relations” or advertising activities of Ben Naparstek and Edelman Australia. If you believe that their actions can be reasonably considered to be in violation of Australian Consumer Laws, you can file a complaint by way of the following link:

Respectfully submitted by,
Michael Roberts
Licensed Private Investigator & Journalist

Amit Fashion Complaints and Deceptive Reviews 67 Khao San Road Bangkok Thailand Tailor Shops

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