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SCAM ALERT! Benny Schmidt Sigmatech Resources Germany

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SCAM ALERT! Benny Schmidt Sigmatech Resources Germany

Romance SCAM ALERT! Benjamin (Benny) Schmidt of Sigmatech Resources

Benny Schmidt Sigmatech Resources Germany

There is a group of romance scammers operating on high end dating sites. They are well organized and use an appealing story line involving a fake business in the field of renewable energy. They are currently targeting middle-aged women on Elite Partner.

The typical profile of the scammer is a widower in his fifties who lost his wife to cancer. He is the CEO of his own company, most likely in Germany. He has just been awarded a large business contract which requires him to travel far away for an extended period. He will suggest switching to e-mail or online chatting as the preferred way to communicate, yet the video feature of the chatting application won’t work for ‘technical’ reasons.

He will be very attentive and concerned about the wellbeing of his targeted victim, and will speak extensively about wanting a committed relationship with a seriously inclined woman. He will gradually start sharing details about his business project. Once he feels he has successfully established a strong enough bond and is very close to returning home to meet his victim, there will be a major setback in his project that will require money. Do not send money!

One such individual is operating under the name of Benjamin (Benny) Schmidt, CEO of Sigmatech Resources based in Frankfurt. His identity, his picture and his company Sigmatech are all fake.

If you are in contact with this individual, please contact us through the Romance Scam Victim Help Request form below.


AKA Benjamin Schmidt

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Fill out my online form.

SCAM: Ounado Biodiesel Engineering GmbH Fake Corp for Romance Scams

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Victims of Ounado Biodiesel Engineering GmbH Scam

If you are a victim of a romance scam or other financial scam involving men claiming to own “Ounado Biodiesel Engineering GmbH”, please contact our The EU Private Corporate Crime Fighting team through the following form:

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A.K.A: Ounado Biofuels Technology, Ounado Energies GmbH,

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DATING FRAUD: Melco LTD is Shell Corp Used to Steal Money from Lonely Women

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WARNING: The man behind this online dating profile is NOT REAL! Melco LTD in Wroclaw, Krawiecka 3/10 Street, Poland AKA MELCO Sp. z o. o.  this is a front company used the receive wire transfers from lonely women looking for love through online dating, often in Germany, but in other countries also.

Melco LTD, Christen Frederiksen, Benjamin Schmidt, Sigmatech Resources etc are ALL FAKE.

Law enforcement investigators from several countries are on the case. They will be caught, but we need more evidence. If you are a victim of this love scam, then you can help. Contact us through the following form.


Fill out my online form.

Fill out my online form.