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Google’s SEO Guru Encourages Use Of Controversy To Bait Increased Traffic

In Google's Omnipotence on April 23, 2012 at 5:27 am

From The Horse’s Mouth:


1.  Controversy

“It’s a fact – “When you complain, people listen”. Matt admits it’s not his favorite technique, but creating controversy does cook up a storm. This is one of the easiest link baits as it grabs eyeballs. Matt adds that many people choose a company or known person and find faults or pick on them and exaggerate the situation.
For example, E! Online is known for celebrity bashing and gossip which can make or break careers. The site has handled controversial issues like Lindsay Lohan’s hearing and Britney Spears’ fashion disasters. However, you might want to be careful about overdoing it and offer some other useful information as well from time to time. In Matt Cutts’ opinion people could get tired of just reading about controversies after a point. Remember that you want to encourage traffic, not kill it.”
~Matt Cutts -July 23, 2010 
Thanks Matt, this gives us great insight into Google’s values.

Truthiness in Digital Media – Practical applications of the lost art of Critical Thinking

In Poor Journalistic Ethics on April 21, 2012 at 8:10 pm

Truthiness in Digital Media This is an excellent undertaking with some great ideas. I encourage all who are champions of truth to consider the ideas, and maybe get involved.

As the networked media environment increasingly permeates private and public life, driven in part by the rapid and extensive travels of news, information and commentary, our systems for identifying and responding to misinformation and propaganda are failing us [emphasis added], creating serious risk to everything from personal and financial health, to fundamental democratic processes and governance.  – About Truthiness in Digital Media