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“To render irrelevant to the lives of people worldwide and elevate honest alternative gripe sites with socially responsible terms of use.”

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To cause the managers of Google, Yahoo!, Bing and other search engines to be repulsed by the very mention of the name Ed Magedson and his appalling website In doing so,  persuade the Silicon Valley giants to remove entirely from search engine indexes in keeping with common sense and in light of the low value speech that the site represents.



We need to make sure that journalists who in the past have elevated Ed Magedson as a social champion are fully aware of the appalling business practices of is business.


We are establishing teams responsible for monitoring any organization or business that supports Ed Magedson by paying him for advertising on his website, as well as those who pay to join his “Corporate Advocacy Program”. This is a relatively simple endeavor to monitor and execute with simple searches such as the following (1,740 results last time I checked):’

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Lobbying US Congress (& other Governments)

Check back soon and you will be able to download templates for letters, faxes, and e-mails that you can send directly to your state’s Congressmen/women. In doing so they will be without excuse with respect to the flaws in the law that gives and Google immunity when they knowingly republish defamatory and threatening material for a profit.

New Petition Asking The US Congress to Modify ISP Immunity Provisions In Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act.

    My report is on DVD with 1,500 pages on it, after doing a lot of research into the victims in both US & Canada. PLEASE HELP PUT RIPOFF REPORT OUT OF BUSINESS…

    • Thanks so much for doing so much work on this. I, too, have been a victim of and I look forward to the day when we will all find justice. is destroying innocent peoples’ lives!!!

  2. I have received a lot of similar “offers” in the past since my name and name of my company has been defamed on the ripoffreport page.
    Declining to pay for shady “reputation repair” services I’ve got more “comments” or “reports” on my other businesses and / or on my name.

    Today I have received a new extortion offer, as following:


    Are you Struggling to see the complaint listed on websites like RipOff Report or Scaminformer Ranking on First Page of Google for “IS Aviation, Inc. Alex Striganov”

    You May have realized that as a business owner, there is nothing as frustrating as knowing that a potential customer will not do business with you because of what they read when they Googled your business name.

    What’s worse is, a lot of times these malicious complaints on these sites could have been written by your competitors. would be dead in the water if it was not for Google’s fascination with RipOff report. Go ahead, check Yahoo or Bing for your company name or brand and you will most likely not find on the first page of results

    Following is one of the Complaint link for your company, Which you would like to remove immediantly

    You can send all the emails to RipOff Reports or Google asking them to remove the negative report about your company from the search results, but we guarantee you nothing will happen.

    Removing your name, company name, or brand from RipOff reports can be a daunting task. Since you can’t remove RipOff Reports from the Google’s listings, the only other option left is to push their report down as far as possible.

    Since Less than 1% of searchers go past page 3 of the search results, so by pushing a Complaint link down to page 3, 4 or 5 it will be almost like the Complaint link doesn’t exist.

    REPUTY INC™ offering a 100% Money Back Guarantee Complaint removal service to push the RipOff Report listing to the third or fifth page of Google.

    We can offer you this service for less than what it would cost you to hire a lawyer for the initial consultation phase to remove your negative RipOff Report.

    We have expertise over resolving similar cases for various companies with indulge in Business like like Real Estate, Spas, Venture Capital firms, Pool companies and many others.

    Take Action Now !!

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    Rick Bernstein
    Business Development Manager
    REPUTY INC™ – Building Digital Reputation

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    Who is continuously sending such “proposals”? Almost of of them are hiding under “private” registration ( in this case in AU). This particular company has been registered on May 1, 2012 – about a month ago. “The company” doesn’t even provide a phone # to contact, although they dare to attach the “privacy protection” message, spamming me in California!

    § 17538.4. Prohibition against e-mailing documents containing unsolicited advertising material; notification to stop e-mailing

    I believe this is a part of practically legal racketeering (extortion scheme) – someone posts a libelous statement for free on such websites as, and then extorts money for “reputation repair” or offers “legitimate mediation services” (for a fee, of course). None is responsible for defamation – thanks to the Section 230 (c) of the Communication Decency Act and to non-self-executive status of ICCPR (Article 17) in the US.

    The name of the “representative” is most probably fake, anyway his proposal looks like a legitimate business proposal – he wants to provide help to the victim of defamation, correct? Why anyone running a legitimate business will hide the company’s registration, website registration data and phone numbers?

    USPTO doesn’t have any traces of TM registration for REPUTY INC or REPUTY, of course.

    The website supposedly has it’s own domain and contact email address – [email protected], however the solicitor uses his gmail address [email protected]! It means Google knows who is that person (at least it knows it’s cell phone #, used to confirm the gmail account)! Such as it looks like a “legitimate” business proposal, Google doesn’t care – is it an extortion attempt or just a “new business practice”.

    Most probably I will get more “complaints” or “comments” on or other similar websites, should I care?

  3. I’ve just threatened to stop my Google Ads unless they take off our phony report by a competitor. $544,000.00 in charges isn’t chicken feed. I’ll let you know what happens. BRAVO TO YOU!

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